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To become an investor of the company, to add a deposit and earn cryptocurrency you need to make just a few steps. We have tried to facilitate this process and describe in detail all of your possible actions. Following these instructions will help you avoid problems when working with our investment proposal and will make the process as comfortable as possible.

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Bronze $ 0.31 KH/s
From 20 KH/s to 1399 KH/s
Life Time Contract
Manual Daily Payment
Upto 40%/month
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Silver $ 0.27 KH/s
From 1400 KH/s to 2799 KH/s
Life Time Contract
Manual Daily Payment
Upto 46%/month
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Gold $ 0.25 KH/s
From 2800 KH/s to 5599 KH/s
Life Time Contract
Manual Daily Payment
Upto 50%/month
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Diamond $ 0.23 KH/s
From 5600 KH/s to 11199 KH/s
Life Time Contract
Manual Daily Payment
Upto 54%/month
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Everything you need to know about Bitcoin mining

Bitcoin is an increasingly popular method for online payments on the world. That's why a number of options for the purchase and exchange with other e-currencies is constantly growing If you already have a unique Bitcoin address (account, wallet), you can easily refill it by contacting any exchange, which can be found at the following link:


Beatrixmining Limited

Since its establishment, we are dedicated to providing information about cryptocurrency cloud mining. cryptocurrency cloud mining is a relatively new concept, allowing users to form pools were joint efforts are rewarded with greater income. cryptocurrency mining is done inside of a cloud and offers an array of benefits, with no issues of posting, electricity, installation, or anything else. We believe that it is these benefits that make it easy for anyone to earn extra revenue without risk. Our company has successfully earned huge number of positive reviews and feedback from clients across the world, and our popularity is increasing with every passing day. We have learned that it is important to research the different cryptocurrency investment sites which will provide investor opportunities. Exploring the return on investment and the ease of investing are critical, and our site makes it possible to learn more about what is out there. We continue to add features to our website in order to make it more beneficial to those who choose to work with us. This includes making sure that we do not offer any kind of limited term contract. People have the ability to make an interesting connection and instant withdrawals. Further, we make it possible for people to choose their pool allocations in order to create the most profitable combination possible.

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Instant payments

Internet marketer - London, UK

The modern Investment platform is operating in fully automatic mode, which helps the company to process all withdrawal requests instantly.


Professional team

Business owner - London, UK

Company's experts are technically trained, experienced users of cryptocurrency and participate in the development of new concepts of Bitcoin mining.


High-yield investments

Online business women - Tokyo, Japan

The company provides a stable accruing of income from 0.1250% to 0.2083% every hour, 24 times a day with the possibility of the return of deposit at any time.


Modern equipment

Executive staff - Melbourne, Australia

We have cutting-edge and most powerful mining ASIC stations, a network of farms and data centers that are scattered throughout the UK.